Came Here For Watch Dogs 2? The Mobile App Is Finally HERE

Get Ready For Watch Dogs 2 On Android and iOS

Watch Dogs 2 Android / iOS is now available for all mobile phones. Watch dogs 2 mobile is the solution for your gaming addiction.

Watch Dogs 2 for Android and iOS

Modern interface

You're in for a surprise with the latest release from Ubisoft. This game will provide excess amounts of fun to all the Watch Dog fantics. This is the most downloaded game of 2018 so far. Ubisoft did a terrific job and I think you'll agree that they did not let us down with this mobile version. There are some people saying the graphics don't come close to the console versions but we'll let you be the judge of that. The creators have paid attention to all the hype phones have gotten recently and decided to develop the Watch Dogs 2 for Android and iOS devices.

Watch Dogs 2 Android and iOS is the by far the best app released this year. It's a game changer for all the console users that have wanted to play their favorite game on the go. We're positive you will love the game and all the new features it has to offer. One of the good things Ubisoft did before they released it was made sure it had full functionality on all devices, so even if you have an older android or ios version, you can still play it.

Easy to use

The outcome of countless hours, testing, and perfecting resulted in Ubisoft being able to bring the full version of the game out with no beta involved. The mobile version has in game purchases, allowing players to buy different items, weapons, and luxuries. You will find that this one is a tad bit more advanced than the console versions.

It's no doubt that Watch Dogs 2 Android and iOS has the most clear cut graphics out of all the mobile games available. It's even been said by multiple fans that they think the high end phones gameplay is up there with the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro graphics. In order to maintain a high FPS, and experience the game to the fullest, it's recommended you download Watch Dogs 2 iOS / Android on a tablet with the newest versions of Android and iOS. If you plan on playing this on a tablet, make sure you have a powerful phone with lots of ram and a good processor. Otherwise, it may not play smooth.

Watch Dogs 2 Mobile APP

Wondering about playing online? Well wonder no more, this game allows you to connect with WiFi, Bluetooth, Or using your data. Don't have internet ? You can still play single player mode offline.

Since a lot of gamers are now switching to mobile gaming, the developers are starting to bring their popular games to phones. UBISOFT Couldn't bring the first Watch Dogs game since hardware was not advanced the way it is now. Think about it, today you can get a quad core processor with 4GB ram which can run Watch Dogs 2 on 1024/768 resolution.

Watch Dogs 2 was released to improve and add originality to the first game especially in the areas of characters, hacking, settings, and driving. Ubisoft actually consulted real hackers to strengthen the game mechanics along with validating scripts for authenticity as well as references to actual hacktivism to be fictionalized, for instance, the Project Chanology protest.

Android application
For Apple iOs

More Features


Watch Dogs 2 Mobile is based on an open world adventure which happens to be set in modern day San Francisco Bay Area. The actualy size of it is twice as big as the original Chicago setting from the first game. This area consists of four different parts: Oakland, Silicon Valley, Marin, and San Francisco, which all have different aesthetics and characteristics.

You will be able to navigate with vehicles or on-foot through out the game. Vehicles include motorcycles, trucks, luxury cars, buses, cable cars, quad bikes and boats. Driving mechanics have drastically been enhanced this time around. In a nut shell, everything was overhauled and designed to be a lot more accessible. Users can shoot weapons while driving just like in the GTA series. Marcus has better acrobatic skills, and can now parkour around the big city. You'll be able to utilize different methods to approach missions, being able to choose between aggressive, in which they finish off enemies with guns which are made through a 3D printer; explosives, like mines.


Be prepared for a new menu layout that will put Watch Dogs 2 at your fingertips with ease. Everything you need conveniently and available at all times.

The multiplayer aspect returns in Watch Dogs 2 Mobile. This game includes seamless cooperative multiplayer sessions, in which the users meet and interact with other random players. Explore the open world and complete a plethora of missions, which can help players to gain more followers. This game features an emote system, allowing users characters to communicate thorugh basic gestures. The game is available offline and online and features 4 competitive modes. Are you ready?

The next steps will help you download the game securly, without causing any trouble. Please follow them all:

Are you downloading Watch Dogs 2 Mobile From Android or iOS?
1.) Touch the Android or iOS button above depending on which device you use.
2.) A verification process is required; make sure you have enough room on your smart phone (1.1GB)
3.) Multiple apps will be shown, select at least two apps by installing them and playing them for 45 seconds to 1 minute. YOu can also choose an online survey too.
4.) After doing this, and playing the apps you need to exit out and go into the same browser you visited the site from.
5.) After downloading the game, install it and reboot your phone to ensure there are no problems. Open and get started on a new game!

Downloading From A PC?
1.) Complete two offers that are displayed on the locker. Do not use fake information
2.) Proceed to the next step once you are done and have received the IPA or APK file.
3.) Copy either the WD2.IPA or the WD2.APK to your phone or tablet.
4.) Open the apk, but beware of a pop up box saying 'For The Phones Security This Device Is Set To Cancel Any Installation Of Phone Apps Coming From Unknown Sources'
5.) Go to the 'SETTINGS' Button
6.) Manually start the installation
7.) A Watch Dogs 2 icon will be placed on your phone once its done
8.) Open it up and get ready to download the rest of the data+OBB files.